The Great Debaters

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  • Published : March 29, 2011
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Summary of the Great debaters
The movie “The Great Debaters”, directed by Denzel Washington, and screen writer Robert Eisele, is base on a true story. The movie shows the way how people use to discriminate on the colored people, back in the days. The most important job in America is the education of our young people. The people were separated; the low class people living in one area and the high class people live in a separate area were the class is higher. A professor of Wiley College named Mr. Melvin B. Tolson held the debating team. He was the coach of the debating team. There were 72 students who signed up for the debating team but only four can be one team. So a try outs was held at Mr. Tolson’s house and the remaining four who made the team are Hamilton Burgess, Henry Lowe, Samantha Booke (alternate), and James Farmer Jr.(alternate). They team trained for a while and was on an adventure that they all enjoy; going around challenging other schools in their area. After, a party James Farmer Jr. went to Mr. Tolson’s house and saw him running into the woods; he followed behind. There was a revolution going on at the time. No one should have known about the revolution but somehow the sheriff found out and disrupt the meeting and carry the one who were captured to the station and torture them for information as to what they were planning. One afternoon, the debating team had decided to go out for lunch to celebrate their victories and to be the first black school to go against a higher class college. Hamilton burgess wanted to know what was going on because he saw the sheriff watching Mr. Tolson’s house. If there was anything going on, his father told him to drop out of the debating team.
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