The Golden Rule : Anti- Bullying

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Barack Obama Pages: 6 (2301 words) Published: March 6, 2012
The Golden Rule
Bullying has been in the news more lately than in the past, because of the tragedies that follow the torture and harassment of the young children in our country. Children have always been picked on in school but the extent that it has gone to in more recent years has become cause for very serious concern and extreme measures. The response to the increasing teen suicides and murders of bullied victims has been to implement the “No Tolerance Laws,” to launch the new “It Gets Better Campaign,” and the appearance of many new proposed laws that are currently being considered and unfortunately have not yet taken effect. Many of today’s bully victims include homosexual youth, minority youth in those states that still are intolerant of difference, and anyone that seems weaker than the bully and in turn appears to be an easy target.

The bullying epidemic has become very controversial due to the fact that bulling continues to exist throughout adulthood and early occurrences do not always subside in childhood or adolescence. This creates the separation between non-bully adults, supportive or not of this initiative, previously bullied adults supportive or not of this initiative, and adult-bullies that see no wrong in the behaviors, and therefore see no need for any change or action. This bullying problem is normally ignored until the worst case scenario forces those around the incident to open their eyes and realize the possibilities for horror and tragedy. For example, Cyber bullying has received more public recognition in the recent years, but only after a very tragic incident caused attention to be brought to the fact that the terror of bullying is in fact not exaggerated but underrated if anything at all. “Cyber bullying has received enormous attention since the 2006 suicide of Megan Meier, an eighth grader [whose name became a household name] who was bullied on Myspace. The suicide of Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi - who jumped off the George Washington Bridge near Manhattan in September after his roommate streamed video of a sexual encounter between Clementi and another male student online - also grabbed headlines” (Swearer). Although bullying has always been an issue in schools, and tragedies such as columbine have brought attention to the need for change, there hasn’t ever been so much of a push as there is today to get in there and work with the problem rather than try to clean up the mess after the fact, once it is too late. Anti-Bulling laws need to be put into place in all school districts across the nation, to protect our youth and future generations starting at the root of the problem and working on an eventual solution.

What is a bully? A child that wants their schoolmates lunch money? A business person that will stop at nothing to succeed at their endeavors? Is it a troubled soul expressing their anguish and frustration with the world, taking it out on the poor soul that happens to be weak enough to take it quietly? Or is it simply someone with a heart of pure evil, who is out to get anyone who crosses their path? The answer is simple, it’s all or any of the above. In todays society, with all the new social media sites and communication opportunities, the types of bullies have expanded from schoolyard punks to a range of possibilities. No longer do we live in the simple days where our primary source of communication is in person.nThere are now dozens of places where a bully can function and harass others. There are several social networks, Facebook and myspace (such as the example given in the Megan Meier case, discussed in the preceding paragraph). Besides the bullies that function via social network sites and technology, are those you come across at work as demeaning and overbearing bosses, coworkers, controlling or insulting spouses. This even goes beyond that to involve over controlling authority figures such as parents, teachers, siblings, or those in governmental positions. Our...
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