The God of Unconditional Love

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  • Published: July 30, 2013
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The God of Unconditional Love
With different cultures come different beliefs – belief on how the world goes, how people should live, but more commonly, how the world came to be. Different myths on the creation of man have been told, heard and shared. And even though different Christian religions have their own belief on the creation of man, we are blessed to have been given a creation story through a common sacred scripture, the Bible… a creation story that can be found in the book of Genesis.

Since the book of Genesis is one of the well-known books among Christians, I believe that we should dive deeper to and find meanings in the scripture. Because by doing so, we would be able to see relevance and connection of His Word to our lives today, then we would realize that the Bible is really God’s Living Word, and not just a history book. By reading the first chapter, it came to me that my own life is just like the creation, where balance is present, where there is freedom of choice, and where God still remains in control despite everything.

God is a just God. The way he separated different or opposing entities prove this (Genesis 1:5,7,9,14,20). I could not imagine a world where there is only light but no darkness, fish but no birds, or even more, land but no water. Just like how God’s contrasting creations fall into their right places and never fail to amaze me, both the triumphs and hardships in my life made me the better person I am today. Without God having a sense of balance, the people and the world just would not be the same and as incredible as they are today.

It can also be seen that we humans were created special among the other creations (Genesis 1:26,28-29). This made me realize how God also loves us like how our grandmother loves… and spoils us. I remember how my grandma always gives me snacks, drinks and anything I want even before I ask for it. Of course, God’s love for us is even greater. He knows just what we want and need even before we...
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