The God of Small Things

Topics: Family, Love, Arundhati Roy Pages: 4 (1488 words) Published: March 7, 2013
"The Gods of Small Things," written by Arundhati Roy, tells the story about an Indian family, forbidden love, and horrors during the upbringing of twins Estha and Rahel. It is a sad but humorous story of a peculiar family in India, the West's intrusion, and the caste systems terrifying regime. The family we follow is a family that is pretty well off. They own a small factory, Paradise Pickles and Preserves, where they have workers who are of lower caste. The twins Estha and Rahel have always felt like they belonged together. Their inner is in some way linked as if they belonged to a rare species of Siamese twins, physically separate, but with coadunate identities. They have reached an age of 31, and after her divorce, Rahel returns to her family home in Ayemenem to visit the family and her twin brother. As a child Rahel would share experiences and memories with Esta unconsciously. She grew up in Ayemenem but, as an adult, she lived in the United States with her husband, Larry McCaslin. One immediately becomes aware that something lurks beneath the surface. Both twins show traces of which can be attributed back to their childhood. They have both become lost souls. All her life, Rahel felt an almost magical proximity to her fraternal twin, her brother Estha. Life has however worn them apart and he has become very closed off. When she meets him now she cannot reach him, and they cannot together process the memories that rushes over her. Esta’s full name is Esthappen. For some reason Estha stopped talking when he was younger and Rahel who is carrying her brother's memories feels an inner emptiness. Esta is considered crazy by the other inhabitants of Ayemenem except for Rahel. After Sophie Mol's death, he is sent to live with his father, Babu, in Assam. Babu is Ammu's ex-husband and an alcoholic. Ammu, Estha and Rahel's mother was married to Babu, but after Babu suggested that she would sleep with his boss, Ammu left Babu and returned to Ayemenem with the twins. In...
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