The Girl in the Green Sweater

Topics: Family, Nazi Germany, Sanitary sewer Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: May 10, 2013
The Girl In the Green Sweater

Day to day people walk the streets in their new shoes and fancy clothes and never think about how good they have it. They walk on these streets looking up and never down. But down is the direction in which a group of people lived, down in the sewer that is. When times are hard you must do as needed and for this family the only way to stay together during the Holocaust was to live within the muck and filth of the sewage system.

0n September 1, 1939, Germany invades Poland and World War ll begins. It is at this time that the family moves in with the grandparents. It is here that Krystyna receives the green sweater knitted for her by her grandmother. They would be forcible taken and put into a ghetto with one room. Life in the ghetto would be very rough. People would starve on the streets. To say the ghettos were over-crowded was an understatement. Multiple families occupied a flat making it a tight squeeze but this was still a step above the people living on the street.

Hunger for these people was unbearable. They looked like skeletons roaming the streets searching for the slightest bit of food. Many people fell to the death on these streets and their remains remained due to the fact most others were as frail as the dead themselves. However, for Krystyna and her family this wouldn’t be an issue too long as they would find peace in there L-shaped palace.

Nazis would hunt down the Jews but they would never find this family as they lived below ground. But it was not easy for the family. One fatal step could plummet them into the deathly river and they presumed that this happened to Paulina’s father. Clean water was scarce, as they had to get it from a tiny crack in the pipe under a fountain drop by little drop. Food was also a needed source of which they were limited. Socha, a municipal sewage worker, found these people and decided not to turn them in but to help in whichever way he could. In exchange for a fee Socha and two...
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