The Ghost in Hamlet

Topics: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Ghost Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: March 3, 2013
The Ghost
In every rendition of “Hamlet”, Hamlet’s father the “Ghost, has played a key role to the downfall of Hamlet’s character. He’s introduced in the beginning of ‘Hamlet’, triggering the up roar of the kingdom. Due to his sudden death, the kingdom is supposedly to be in distress but Claudius reassured everyone and took over power. As the “Ghost”, he adds a theatrical thrill as he forms the unexpected tension between him and his son. Though he is dead, he still governs over his son telling Hamlet that Claudius, his uncle, murdered him and should murder him for revenge. King Hamlet is the ‘gatekeeper’ of the beginning of the downfall of Hamlet and the up rise of tension to the play. With the help of special effects in the film, the spirit of King Hamlet created to be a presumptuous character. After appearing in front of Horatio and the guardsmen, he was terrified by others. Having to come out with smoke and a pale blue, he looked much like ghost in the film, creating a form of realism. He was interesting character for that he wanted his son, Hamlet to take revenge on him. His “commands” only makes Hamlet to falter and begin his venture of downfall. Like every other tragic character that Shakespeare rights, Hamlet goes through series of soliloquies of questioning of whether to actually kill uncle for the sake of his father. Besides persuading Claudius, King Hamlet tells Hamlet to act abnormal and crazy, to hide any more suspicion. It leads Hamlet to be vicious to Ophelia, which eventually led to her death. Also, with the craziness that Hamlet was experiencing, it led to him killing Polonius thinking it was Claudius. Death after death, it goes back to King Hamlet, the starter of this chain. After his murder, he brought the responsibilities to Hamlet to continue the ends of the many other characters. Though as thrilling character that the king was from appearing in a promptly way and scaring the other characters, he brought injustice for his son leading to his...
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