The Gazette Case - Ism Report

Topics: Strategic management, Customer service, Newspaper Pages: 16 (5496 words) Published: March 17, 2013
University of Groningen, Faculty of Business and Economics 01.10.2012 Information Systems Management
Prof. dr. E.W. Berghout

The Gazette
A case study

Wiebke Behnes2181827| Daniel Bodganskis2197375|
Hannes Hermess2168014| Lukas Stukenborgs2198932|

Table of Content

1.A new digital strategy2
2.Assignment of priorities to investment proposals6
3.Criticism on the completeness of the investment proposals16
4.Reassessment of the investment proposals20

1. -------------------------------------------------
A new digital strategy

Due to the current situation of The Gazette and the preparations to foreclose the paper printing facilities, we as a group have been asked to elaborate a digital strategy. Before explaining our overall strategy we have to define some important parts of our concept first. As stated in the case, The Gazette is a publisher of a national morning newspaper, an evening paper as well as provincial newspaper and several free local publications. Firstly, we would like to reduce the number of papers to one paper. This way The Gazette can more intensively focus on the quality and topicality of one paper and make it a success instead of having various papers of "average quality". Furthermore, we see that currently there has been a focus not only on national and international news but also on local news. We think this is appropriate and would therefore like to categorize the topicality of news into two main categories, namely "local news" as well as "world news". While "local news" are news, videos and pictures that are from your province, region or local community, including topics like local politics or local weather, are "world news" articles about events that are of higher importance to the world, such as happenings in the world politics or across countries. Our strategy build’s on the idea to publish through three different digital ways: * Regular http-website with current news (except for local news, to be explained later), with a very easy recognizable address such as for example News on the website have to be kept current and updates more than one time a day. * ePaper to be accessed through an log-in on the website of The Gazette * Customized application for mobile devices, so called “App” that allows the customer to read the news on iPads or other touch devices Furthermore, our ideas are based upon the concept to divide the customer group into two segments, first (1) are the customers that have a monthly or yearly subscription for The Gazette while the second (2) customer group consists of customers that do not have a subscription. The customized App as well as the ePaper is only available for customers that have a subscription. However, the subscription has even more benefits that will help The Gazette to build a competitive advantage: * Early availability: Subscribed customers receive the daily newspaper earlier before the printed newspaper will be available to readers in stores or updated on the website, that is accessible for the main public. This can be done through either accessing the ePaper online on the website through a log-in or through the log-in in the App. * Local news: There will be an additional part of the ePaper and in the App on local news (as defined earlier) that will not be available on the regular website. * No advertisements: The ePaper and the App are completely advertisement free. * Archive: All issues from the start of the ePaper and the App are available to read at any time. * Offline mode for the App: Already read (and therefore downloaded) editions are also available offline, where no Internet connection is available. * Adjustment of reading style: Different type sizes, full view and enlargement of pictures are available for subscribed customers (this may also help elderly people...
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