The Gains of Hosting International Sports Events

Topics: Economics, Olympic Games, Sport Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: December 7, 2010
The World Cup is truly one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Host countries invest huge amounts of resources to organize and build infrastructures. Such countries surely are expecting gains in return for the huge investments they made. However, past experiences show that the chance of receiving economic benefits from hosting either the World Cup or the Olympics is surprisingly little (Maennig & Plessis, 2007). Despite this fact countries still want to host international sports events. This is because in assessing the profitability of hosting such events it is important to include both tangible and intangible benefits. This paper takes a look at such intangible benefits to analyze a fuller extent of the gains of hosting such international sports events, taking the World Cup as an example.

There are other benefits from a World Cup, besides the economical, which are recognized as positive contributions to the hosting country, they might be more intangible but nonetheless still important. The “feel good” effect of citizens experiencing domestic growth, stadiums being build, new jobs, foreign recognition etc. represents a certain social profitability of the project. This is something that should definitely not be neglected. These externalities may not only prove to be very important to the citizens of the host country, but also add to the competitiveness and development of certain sectors within the country.

Intangible assets may in the long run prove to be just as important as tangible. It is difficult to assign these numerical value, but it is however indisputable whether they are of importance. Happiness is basically what the World Cup may ultimately add to. The experiences related to sports, and the public satisfaction of hosting an event that has the attention of the world, may add more in terms of prestige and individual satisfaction than anyone may realize when planning the project. Surveys made in previous host countries have asked local...
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