The Gabbar Singh Case

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  • Published : August 30, 2012
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Gabbar Singh Case
Strategic Management -I
Opportunity: 1. Serve sentence & join politics 2. He can re band and Kill Thakur and Veeru 3. Escape from prison and continue to live as an outlaw (maybe in another village) Strengths: 1. Feeling of Revenge 2. Fear in the mind of people 3. Knows topography of village and surrounding area 4. Headstrong and precedented in his approach as a leader also he is very ambitious and driven in his career aspirations Weakness: 1. De-banding of his troops 2. Difficulty in finding new recruits 3. Lack of own resources 4. Perceived as less dangerous by villagers ● ● ● His feeling of revenge works as a motivation for him to re band and kill Thakur and Veeru His precedented approach will help him in politics and to escape prison and continue as an outlaw He can continue his career goal by escaping from the prison and moving the another village Threats: 1. Thakur is more resourceful and much organized 2. Villagers can revolt against him 3. Dangerously revengeful Veeru (as a result of Jai’s death) ● Able leadership may help him in re banding and overcome resourceful Thakur The presence of fear, though lesser, may help him overcome any small revolt by the villagers

May not be able to find enough people to join his troops and because he is having less resources so its better to serve sentence and join politics Go to another village and start his career there

● ●

Possibility of villagers revolting against him even after release Lack of resources may result in Thakur ending as the winner in their clash With little support, Veeru may prove more dangerous than ever before

Suggested Strategy: The best option for Gabbar is to be try and escape from prison and move to another village and start his reign as Thakur Risk: It may happen that he will not be able to escape from prison Return: This is a win-win situation for everyone as villagers get rid from Gabbar and his terror,Thakur can look after the welfare of the...
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