The Future of Physical Education

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The future of Physical Education
Physical Education is one of the lessons at school. Is it an important subject or it should be only an optional one? One positive aspect of Physical Education lessons is children do exercises. The young generation does not do any exercises and it is a huge problem. They will become unhealthy and suffer from illnesses. Nowadays it is a huge problem that people do not do any sports. Because of this problem we should teach the children to love and do sports. Another advantage of this lesson is people who do exercises regularly they will have more balanced life. Children who do any kind of sport they will study better. One more advantage of Physical Education lessons is that it is in children school time. They can spend time on studying in the afternoon, and they do not have to go long and tiring trainings. On the other hand it should be an optional lesson because not everybody equally good at sports. This is often a problem because if someone fell off during an exercise the other students would laugh at them. And it cause a big problem because the person who they laughed out he do not want to try that exercise again, and these children can easily become a person who hate sports. Another disadvantage is students do not care about this subject and they do not go to this lessons. They say that they are ill and they do not have to do the exercises. And in this way it does not have any sense. In my opinion Physical Education lessons are important. Because schools should teach the children to love sports and in the future they will become an adult who teach it to their children too. To sum up, it should not be an optional lesson. Because healthy life is important, and we should start a healthy life when we are young.
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