The Function of the Human Brain

Topics: Brain, Cerebellum, Neuron Pages: 3 (682 words) Published: January 9, 2009
The Function of the Human Brain


Theresa Higgins

Dr. Michael

Anatomy & Physiology HS120

December 14, 2008

The Function of the Human Cerebellum


The human brain is an extremely complicated system which controls all of our functions both physical and physiological. What are the cell/ tissue/ organ/system?
1. Glial is the cell and is one of the most important components of the cerebellum which supports the functions of nervous tissue. The nervous tissue provides instant communication between the brain and the other systems of the body. 1. Organ is the brain it is the main factor of the central nervous system. The nervous system controls the movement, balance, and provides sensations which relay to the other systems to react. The role of human organism and its contribution to maintenance of homeostasis. 1. The cerebellum is one of the parts of the brain which controls involuntary functions of the homeostasis, including balance and coordination. What are the anatomical, physiological, and cellular mechanisms behind the structure? The anatomical location of the cerebellum is constant with its importance to basic functions. 1. Located in the back and underneath the cerebrum, it is well protected from injury. 2. In addition, nerve impulses are directly linked to the spinal column, giving us the ability to respond quickly in “fight or flight" situations.

IV. What is the specific structure uniquely suited to its function? 1. Without the cerebellum all of the thought processes of the cerebrum would be useless because we would not be able to physically respond to them.

VI .How does it effect other body systems?

1. Involuntary movement must be controlled by a specifically designated part of the brain.
2. The cerebellum allows us to stand erect, climb, run, walk, and perform a host of other survival related skills. VII. Explore basic science research...
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