The Fun They Had

Topics: Science fiction, Technology, Narrator Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Written assignment - "The fun they had"
"The fun they had" is a science-fiction short story written in 1951 by Isaac Asimov. The text has its focal points on the human behavior as a response to the development of technology - human dependency of technology and how it has become a necessity in order to live a normal life. The text expresses, how the progression of technology have lead to the closed and therefore more "efficient" school system that Margie is a part of. As she reads the "real" book, which Tommy found, she realizes how different and way more appealing the system was in the past, which brings up the discussion of whether a technologically highly developed society is a good or bad thing. If it will strengthen or weaken the human's intellectual level as well as social bonds; whether humans will be replaced by electronic devices. It also leaves us a message to appreciate our current school system and society. The story is told from the perspective of an omniscient third person narrator and takes place May 17th, 2157, in what is assumed to be the home as well as school of the main character, Margie. Margie is an eleven year old girl who lives with her older brother on thirteen and their mother, whose name and age is kept anonymous. She is both a narrow sighted, proud and curious girl which we can see at (P.2 l.61): "... Margie was hurt. "Well, I don't know what kind of school they all had that time ago." The fact the she gets hurt reveals that she does not like losing. She likes being in control, which is why she in the start of the story sticks to the belief that nothing possibly could surpass the society, she lives in. As the story unfolds her point of view, on what a good school system is, changes significantly. In the start, she seems to be blinded by the idea that a the system she knows is the only right system. Here she can feel safe. An example of this is (p.3 l. 74): "I wouldn't want a strange man in my house to teach me." She instantly...
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