The Four C's of Medical Malpractice

Topics: Information science, Patient, Need Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: June 23, 2012
To care about someone’s health and well-being is very important. To care about someone like a patient in this matter is more so because of medical malpractice. If a patient feels like they were neglected or mistreated and something bad came from being your care, there could be a possibility of a lawsuit. The main thing is to actually be sincere and truly care about a person. A person can tell when someone is not being sincere. To truly care about a person can give them the will to get better and to survive depending on condition. Communication is important as well when dealing in the medical field. To prevent miscommunication, make sure you are understood. If you don’t understand something or are not quit sure you heard something right, ask questions, get clarification to prevent miscommunication or any mishaps. Competence is also essential. If you are not confident in what you do and you are not knowledgeable in what you do then you will not have or gain the trust of your patients. You should always keep your skills and your education current and up to date. Charting is for documentation purposes. When documenting in charts, information should be documented as if the patient may be reading it. Documentation needs to be written legibly and accurately. I believe that all the four C’s play a very important roll in the medical field, but in my opinion I feel that caring and charting a little more important just for the simple fact that everyone wants to cared about. If you genuinely care about a person it can make a big difference. Charting is very important because the proof and documentation will always be there when you need it. You can always go back to it if you have questions.
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