The Four Functions of Management

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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The Four Functions of Management
The four functions of management are key elements for Home Depot to achieve its set goals and objectives, and to run smoothly. Home Depot implements core management concepts. This requires that the four functions of management - planning, organizing, directing and controlling be correctly understood. The four concepts transform Home into a cohesive company. The four functions of management allow Home Depot to take control of its future.

The first function Home Depot takes is planning, which is base function. It is the foundation of management. It is the foundation upon which all the other areas of management build upon. Planning requires management to assess where home Depot presently is and where it will be in the future. From there, an appropriate course of action is determined and implemented to attain the Home Depots goals and objectives.

Planning is a course of actions that are unending. Home Depot must have strategies for sudden crisis that require sudden implementation. External factors constantly affect Home Depot, both negatively and positively. Depending on the conditions of the factors, Home Depot may have to alter its course of action in carrying out certain goals. This type of preparation is called strategic planning. With strategic planning, management examines internal and external factors which may affect Home Depots, objectives and goals. The examination engages in a look of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Organizing is the second function of management of Home Depot. Organizing is prepared and organized. The Management of Home Depot must organize its resources in advance, the method of the course of action, which has been decided upon in the function of planning. During this process, management determines the inside guiding formation, and determine and maintain correlations and assign the required resources.

Part of this organizing function of Home Depot is for management to look...
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