The Founding of the Urban Design Advisory Group

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In December 2006, the Urban Design Advisory Group (UDAG) was formed, including 14 government and non-government representatives from Vancouver and Portland under the joint chairmanship of Mayor Royce Pollard and Mayor Sam Adams. UDAG members determined that one of their primary functions would be to develop design guidelines for implementation by CRC staff throughout the design process. These design guidelines pertain to the main span across the Columbia River, but also to the urban design of all other elements of the five mile corridor. Those guidelines were published in in June, 2008 in a document titled “DRAFT - Design Guidelines for the Columbia River Crossing”. This Architectural Design Concept Document (Concept Document) has been developed through close collaboration between the UDAG Aesthetic Design Sub-Committee (ADS) and the CRC Design Team. It builds on the “DRAFT - Design Guidelines for the Columbia River Crossing Project” by creating a focused design direction for the Columbia River Crossing and the North Portland Harbor Crossing. In May of 2009 the UDAG formed the Aesthetic Design Sub-Committee (ADS) to study architectural design concepts for the Columbia River Crossing / North Portland Harbor Crossing and provide design recommendations. This Concept Document establishes a design direction for the project that implements many of the goals set forth previously in the June 2008 Document and encompasses the body of work performed by the ADS. The design ideas represented herein are not the final product, rather, they are the result of ADS deliberations and study over the last four months. This report represents a starting point and is intended to provide guidance and direction as the project moves forward; it embodies the concepts preferred by the ADS and responds to the charge of providing recommendations by establishing a design direction for the entire project, from the Evergreen Community Connection in...
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