The Flying Dragons

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The book the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins takes place on a country named Panem. Panem was a country that after being terrorized by vague disasters arose from the ashes of North America. The setting of this book can also be described as post-apocalyptic, and takes place in the future. In the book Panem is located on the 12 district which was formerly located in the region of Appalachia.

The main conflict of the book Hunger Games can best be described as man vs. man because Katniss is battling other people in the hunger games. And in the main conflict Katniss must find a way to win the hunger games while trying not kill her friend Peeta and finding a way to end the hunger games.

The main character of this book is a teenage girl who lives on district 12 on the country of Panem. Now Katniss is lives on district 12, which is also known as coal-mining, poor district. Originally Katniss’s younger sister was elected to go to the hunger games, but as a heroic sacrifice Katniss stepped up to the plate and went for her. Ever since the father of Katniss died she was determined to fill his shoes. She became the chief cook and bottle washer, bringing home food and income that would save her family from starving.

One of the main events in this book is when Katniss replaces her sister in the hunger games. Another one is when Madge gives Katniss the mocking jay pin. Also when Cinna creates controversial fashions that establish her identity as a rebel. And when Peeta ‘’joins” the “careers”. One other event is when katniss’s best friend Rue dies. And the last important event is when Katniss risks her life to save her friend Peeta, by getting medicine. The climax of the book is when Katniss holds out the berries threatening to kill herself and Peeta.

The resolution of the book would be that the Game makers of the hunger games decided to let the two winners from the 12th district...
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