The Fly

Topics: Fiction, Short story, World War I Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: May 9, 2013
The Fly”
“The Fly” illustrates the concept of overcoming grief through time. The value of life, the conquest of time over grief, and the helplessness of man before fate are some of the key lessons the narrator emphasize throughout the story. The author usage of the fly as a metaphor allows the reader to explore the emotional, physiological, and benevolent force a human being faces. The narrator is unknown throughout the short story but is a reliable source of information. An omniscient presence is felt as the narrator tells the story from a 3rd person view. Mr. Woodsfield leaves the comfort of his home with permission of his children to pay a visit to his former boss. Mr. Woodsfield is a retiree and stroke survivor. Both men are well within old age and the setting of the story takes place about six years after World War One in Mr. Woodsfield ex-boss office. They share a drink of high quality whiskey and make small talk. During the conversation Mr. Woodsfield memory opened like a children’s book and he reminiscent his beloved son. The memory of his fallen son who he forgot over the years, as time has healed his old aching heart. The sons of Mr. Woodsfield and the ex-boss were both killed in the war. Soon Mr. Woodsfield departs from his ex-boss office and his ex-boss is left to his thoughts and feelings. Now this where the story gets interesting cause the author display how two men, who both lost their son in war, conquer their grief. Mr. Woodsfield he has forgotten everything. He is able reminiscent about the grave of his deceased son after drinking a glass of whisky. He talks about his son and his grave, but does not display any pang of grief. This demonstrates that time has overcome the grief he initially experience when his son first died. The ex-boss belief was that time would not make any difference to his grief. His current state of grief has altered as time has passed by but he still longs to feel pain. After the departure of Mr. Woodsfield, ex-boss...
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