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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Cover Letter

In Reading 080 I have learned a lot about reading. I feel that I have become a stronger reader and the experience has definitely touched up on my reading skills. The book we read in this class “Gonzalez and Daughter Trucking co” has definitely made me more interested in reading. I did find this book very interesting. In a way, it opened up the different kinds of cultures. I found it very fascinating learning in this book a little what it was like in Mexico and all the difficulties Libertad, her father and friends have been through. Everyone has a story and I think, in a way, everyone should be able to share it with people. I liked learning facts about what people have been through and how they manage to make it. Taking reading 080 has helped me with the basics of reading. I have learned to pay close attention to the little details that a writer puts into his/her work. Even looking at the pictures or little side comments really helps me and my understanding as in where the author is coming from. The workbook has helped me to pay more attention in a reading material and to know the true purpose for reading those articles. Reading different stories and articles in class gave me a lot of information. Whether I was reading about politics or everyday events, I didn’t realize at the time but it was very educational. The most interesting reading was about our history and all the different places it can take you. I think that I have accomplished many things in this course. I know that my reading skills are much better and it made me want to read more. Which I think is a miracle. I definitely think that I have a way to go on improvement. I do believe that there is always room for improvement and this is just the beginning.
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