The Fishbein Model

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"THE FISHBEIN MODEL" 1975, 1980 and Apple`s I-phone

Attitude – How does a consumer develop and change attitude? When we buy products we weight the most important attributes. Psychologist Martin Fishbein states that the attitude toward an object is the sum of the consequences of that object weighted by the evaluation of those consequences In order to understand the consumer behavior the Ajzen and Fishbein´s theory of reasoned action (TRA) can be used. TRA was initially associated to voluntary behavior. Later it was realized that that behavior is not always entirely voluntarily. Therefore it was changed to "the theory of planned behavior". This theory predicts deliberate behavior; the reason for this is that behavior can be deliberative and planned Attitude is a predisposition to evaluate an object positively or negatively. It contains emotional and cognitive elements. Fishbein model implies that in order to enhance our attribute we can action following levers: 1. Improve our ratings in some of the attributes (the beliefs that consumers have regarding our brand) 2. Create new attributes or destroy existing ones

3. Change on consumer minds the weights of the attributes 4. Since a consumer holds many beliefs, it may often be difficult to get down to a “bottom line” overall belief about whether an object such as McDonald’s is overall good or bad. The Multiattribute (also sometimes known as the Fishbein) Model attempts to summarize overall attitudes into one score using the equation:

5. That is, for each belief, we take the weight or importance (Wi) of that belief and multiply it with its evaluation (Xib). For example, a consumer believes that the taste of a beverage is moderately important, or a 4 on a scale from 1 to 7. He or she believes that coffee tastes very good, or a 6 on a scale from 1 to 7. Thus, the product here is 4(6) = 24. On the other hand, he or she believes that the potential of a drink to stain is extremely important (7), and...
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