The Fish Story

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Brief –
The protagonist of the story is Mary Jane, whose husband dies a sudden death. Due to it, she faces the full responsibility of bringing up her children. But she never gave up, and faced the responsibility by working hard in her job in at “First Guarantee Financial”. As a result she developed a good reputation at her work place and got promoted as manager in operations and was shifted to “Third Floor” of the office. Third floor of the office was regarded as “Toxic Energy Dump” as it was full of negative energy. Even Mary Jane became upset after working there for few days and started looking for ways to improve the working culture at the Third floor. On one fine day she got out for lunch and saw a very vibrant fish market which was full of positive energy. One fish monger noticed her and came towards her to talk. His name was Lonnie. He immediately noticed some concern on her face and asked her to share it with him. She told him her office concerns. On listening to her Lonnie told them 4 things that can help her to change the working culture. They were -: 1 Choose your attitude –It is regarded as the most important secret as without it, all the remaining three will not make any impact. It says that even if we do not have the choice to change the work we do, but we can change the attitude we bring in to the workplace. Choosing your attitude involves •The courage to change,

Having faith in oneself,
Never fearing the risk of failure,
Exploring one’s talent and the enormous amount of energy each one of us possess.

2Play – You can be serious about your work without taking yourself too seriously. According to Lonnie, even though he also does serious business of selling fishes to make profit, but he does it in playful ways and in fact due to it his profit rise as it attracts more customers.

3Make their day – It involves creative ways to involve customers to involve our customers so that memories are created in their minds. In the given...
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