The First Triumvirate

Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, First Triumvirate Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Caesar, Crassus and Pompey were part of what is known as the ‘First Triuvirate’, a triumvirate being a legal political alliance between three men. Paterculus describes the triumvirate as a “partnership of power”. Cicero regarded the triumvirate as’ uniformly odious to all sorts and classes and ages of men’... Cicero also regarded the political coalition as the main cause for the civil war in 49BC. The coalition lasted for approximately seven years- from about 60BC until 53BC. This secret, non-official alliance should not be called the first triumvirate because it was non-offical. The triumvirs- Pompey, Crassus and Caesar each used different methods in order to achieve their respective goals- whether it was for their personal interest or the interest of the political and social group of populares these men represented and were close to . Some of these varying methods were effective, and some were not. Each triumvir had different aims, or a number of goals. Each man wanted to gain something different from the coalition. Pompey wished for land for his veterans, as well as his eastern settlement ratified or approved ‘en bloc’, or altogether. Crassus wanted a rebate for the equestrian tax farmers. Caesar needed a consulship for 59BC, as well as a province for 58BC to give scope for his military ability and in order to gain glory also.

Caeasr passed his land bill (lex Campania) using the threat of force, ignoring the bad omens as well as ignoring the veto of Biblius, Biblius was the optimate’s representative and it shows the continuation of the struggle between two main poltical and social classes in Rome over power, wealth and equal rights. He was [Biblius] the second consul. The lex Campania aimed at providing land for Pompey’s veterans. Pompey was apparently unhappy with the way the law was passed. Cicero, in a letter to Atticus said regarding Pompey’s position: “Pompey has fenced so far with the important questions. When asked, he said that he agreed with...
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