The Film (Bowling for Columbine) Explores the Connection Between Racism and Fear. Discuss.

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  • Published : March 17, 2007
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The film (Bowling for Columbine) explores the connection between racism and fear. In the film, there is a distinct connection between racism from white Americans to black Americans and we also see that this connection comes through fear of black Americans through the US media coverage. Our second speaker is Robert, who will be talking about how TV shows like Cops demonize black Americans and show them as criminals. While my third and final speaker Sahm will pick up on how poorly the American media represent the white mans paranoia of the black man.

At the start of the film, Michael Moore opens a bank account at a local bank in Michigan and receives a free gun. When Moore fills out the application form, he purposely draws the attention of the audience to the word ‘Caucasian'. This word refers to a white person and reflects on the ‘ethnicity' clause of the application. While filling in the document, Moore says that he can't spell ‘Caucasian' or is trying to ask why the potential gun owners' ethnic background is required when you're giving free arms. The lady at the bank quickly points out to Moore that the ‘ethnicity clause' is not an issue with him. Meaning that if he had black-coloured skin that he'd have an issue. This is one of the several examples of America's fear of the black person. But where does this fear come from? and why are black people especially targeted? One solution to these questions is the media. For example the media targeting and portraying the black people as dangerous. In the next example the media even goes so far to say that ‘Killer bees' also called ‘Africanized bees' are attacking households throughout the US. These Africanized bees are originally from Africa and have gotten to the US after being brought to South America. The Africanized bees are said to be different from the normal more gentler and kindler European bees. This shows that the American media even portrays more aggressive bees as bees that originated from Africa and they...
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