The Feminist Movement in America of 60’s - American History

Topics: Feminism, Women's rights, Women's suffrage Pages: 9 (3046 words) Published: March 14, 2010
The feminist movement in America of 60’s
The reasons of occurrence of the second wave of feminism in the beginning of 60’s Prominent features and differences of feminism of "a new wave» Movement for the rights of women and female liberation movement Legal victories

Timeline of key events
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Feminism (fr. Feminisme, from an armour. Femina - "woman") in wide sense - aspiration to equality of women with men in all spheres of a life of a society, in narrow sense – a women's movement which purpose is elimination of discrimination of women and equality of their rights with men. It is possible to name a synonym the term “emancipation of women”. Emancipation (lat.-emancipatio) Romans were designated by clearing from under the fatherly power. From here there was a general value-clearing from dependence and restriction. Feminist movement has long history which can be divided into two basic periods. The first is a so-called feminism of the first wave or old feminism (end ХVIII – first third ХХ centuries). At the heart of its ideology liberal doctrine about equality of the rights of citizens lay, the basic direction was sufragism– struggle for political equality of women. It has stopped the existence after its basic mission, and in the majority of the developed countries of the woman has been executed have received a vote on parliamentary elections. The second wave of feminism, "neofeminism", has risen on a wave of the left movements of the end of 1960th. Owing to it in neofeminism except the liberal direction continuing traditions of old feminism, the strong radical current is allocated. This feminism proclaims unity of interests of all women and necessity of their incorporated struggle against man's domination not only in sphere public, but also sphere of a private life. Some researchers allocate also the third wave of feminism (from the beginning 1990th) which is characterized by attention strengthening to theoretical questions, carrying over of the analysis of problems from a social and economic plane on philosophical level. Now the feminism remains the considerable social movement which has reached of the greatest successes in the field of culture. In the centre of attention of feminism in its forms there is a remaining gender inequality of women. 1. The reasons of occurrence of the second wave of feminism in the beginning of 60’s The success of sufragism has for a while suspended the general development female political movement, which was four decades subsequent almost in a hibernation condition. But, despite all achievements of feminism, still in all spheres of a life, men predominated. It has appeared that equality on a paper insufficiently, it was necessary to change the relation to the woman and in consciousness of people. Awakening or “female revival” has begun in 60’s years. Its epicenter of a steel of the USA, where exactly these years observed activisation of the democratic processes directed on liquidation of various forms of discrimination, and first of all racism. The women's movement has found new, frequently radical forms, that has found reflexion in its name – “female liberation movement” (Women’s liberation). The phrase "Women’s Liberation" was first used in the United States in 1964 and first appeared in print in 1966. By 1968, although the term Women’s Liberation Front appeared in the magazine Ramparts, it was starting to refer to the whole women’s movement. The new wave of struggle for emancipation has been caused by structural changes in society and, first of all, - substantial growth of a share of female work in a social production. So, to 1960, in the USA women made more than one third of manpower of the country, thus 54 % of workers of women were married, and 33 % had children that testifies to the business factors inducing women to join...
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