The Fault in Our Stars Review

Topics: Love, Life, Cancer Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: May 25, 2013
The fault in our stars
The main character in The Fault in our Stars is Hazel Grace Lancaster, who is a seventeen-year-old girl with terminal cancer. Her life is quite dull, everyday repeating same routine. She is home-schooled, so she rarely leaves the house. She reads a lot, especially this one book called An Imperial Affliction, written by her favorite author Peter van Houten. It isn’t until she meets Augustus Waters that her life changes. It’s when her mom forces her to go to a support group that their worlds collide, and as she gets to know him, she realizes that even though she won’t live to an old age, she’s still alive now and should make the most of it. Augustus is the second main character. He is an amputee, having to have cut off his leg to survive cancer. He has a very distinctive way of looking at life, always seeing things from another perspective than all the other characters in the book. He notices small details in situations that others have completely missed. As his cancer comes back in the end, he is thankful for having met Hazel Grace, and is glad that he didn’t take life for granted and always did the things that he wanted to do. One theme of the book is cancer. Not only the dying part of cancer, but furthermore the struggle to live, and what happens to those left behind when a person close to them dies. It’s also about the fear of dying; the fear of oblivion. Another theme is the inevitability of dying, and the tragic of such young people not having time to experience life to its full extent. John Green, the author, also wants to depict the value of life, and that no matter how short or long time you have here on Earth, you should make the most of it. He also mentions leaving a mark and being remembered after you die, and stated that it is better to be loved deeply than to be loved widely. The novel is told in a first-person view, through the eyes of Hazel Grace. The reader gets to experience her emotions, and see things...
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