The External Conflict of the Story „My Oedipus Complex“by Frank O’conner

Topics: Sigmund Freud, Oedipus complex, Complex Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: May 16, 2011
The external conflict of the story „My Oedipus Complex“by Frank O’Conner? The story „ My Oedipus Complex „written by the well-known Irish author Frank O’Connor is a sacred narration of the youth and growing-up problem. There are three characters in the story: Larry - protagonist, his mother and father. The story is told by a little child Larry, who is 5 years old and who grows up in his nonhazardous world with just himself and his “beloved” mother. He is not ready to share his mother’s attention with the father, who is returned from the war (WWI) and with new-born brother. Larry is strongly connected with his mother and wants her to belong only to him. The author depicts in the story with galore humour the boy’s “Oedipus Complex” referring to Freudian psychoanalysis. First of all, to understand the external conflict of the story we need to know who the main character is and what his view on life is. The protagonist, Larry, is an inventive, happy, imaginative and kind young boy, who thinks and cares a lot about her mother. The spectacular experience of Larry seems to be the representation of our childhood stories. Larry is only 5 years old, but sometimes he behaves like an adult person. “...Having settled my plans for the day, I got up, put a chair under the attic window...“- he is planning the day, the things he wants to do. While I was reading the story I realized that he enjoys every morning, he thanks God who gave him another splendid day. He was a lively boy, who wanted to brighten his home. Nevertheless, he was just a child, whose thoughts were too strict and sometimes too mirthful. It was difficult for him to understand why his father returned from war and why his mother now spends too much time with her husband and not with Larry. While Larry’s father was fighting in the World War and rarely visited home, boy was enjoying himself and all his mother attention was turned to him. At the beginning of the story he said —“...the war was the most peaceful...
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