The European Justice System

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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The justice system consists of three categories: the law enforcement officers, the criminal justice system, and the court system. The duties of the officers are to combat and prevent crime. They must apprehend anyone who has broken the law that was written by the legislators. Secondly, the criminal justice system is a system that develops a way to maintain social control and justifying crimes. They also sanction those who have broken the law with necessary criminal penalties. The criminal justice systems consist of law enforcing Institutions and the government. Lastly, the court which consist of the Judge, Jury and councilors; the judge sentences the accused, and the jury decides whether if the accused is guilty or not. The counselors’ duty is to either prove your innocence or to prosecute you. The European court of justice is the highest court of the European Union law. The court’s job is to implement the European law and successfully go about the application of its laws amongst the European member states; and each European member state is headed by a judge. The European justice court was founded in the year, 1952 by the Treaty of Paris. The court is said to be apart of the European coal and steel community; and was created with seven judges. Presently, the court consists of 27 judges assisted by 8 Advocates-General. Both judges and advocates are appointed by governments of the member states for an office term of six years. They must be chosen by legal experts who are qualified to appoint those into the highest judicial offices who recognizably possess competence.

Hierarchy of the European Courts

Supreme court- The highest court of appeal in the United Kingdom. It must give effect to directly applicable European law, and to interpret domestic law so far as possible consistently with European law. Its must give result to the rights enclosed in the European Convention on Human Rights. •...
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