The Ethics of Jobdiscrimination

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Prejudice Pages: 4 (744 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Nature Of Job Discrimination

The root meaning of the term
is “ to distinguish one object from another”, a morally neutral and not necessarily wrongful activity. •
However, in modern usage, the term is not morally neutral; it is usually intended to refer to the wrongful act of distinguishing illicitly among people not on the basis of individual merit but on the basis of prejudice or some invidious or morally reprehensible attitude.

Prejudicial Actions

In this sense, to discriminate in employment is to make an adverse decision ( or set of decisions) against employees (or prospective employees) who belong to a certain class because of morally unjustified prejudice towards members of that class. •

There are usually social, cultural, religious, political, economic and ideological forces at play that encourage discrimination. .
Roots of the Theory of Discrimination
John Stuart Mill identified liberty, equality and fraternity to be the three elements needed to form a moral basis for an economic society. Jean Jacques Rousseau made these three elements the watchwords of a political movement as in the French Revolution

Socio-Political-Economic Discrimination
Whenever the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity were violated the conditions for socio-political-economic discrimination arose.


Any person
to find work and
to find work is considered to be unemployed.

If a person works at a level below what he/she is capable of working at and (perhaps)consequently earns less wages is called under-employed.

If a person works at a level above what he/she is capable of working at and (perhaps)consequently earns higher wages is called over employed.
Discrimination and Employment

 Principally there are three elements that define discrimination in employment and need to be consciously considered. The First Element
It is a decision...
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