The Esssance of the Heart

Topics: Profanity, Fuck, Interjections Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Guess What Your Full of Bullshit You Do One Thing I Do The Same And Its A Problem? Thats Just Bullshit I Do This i Do That And In Return All i Get Is Bullshit And disrespected Why Is Some Shit Okay For You And Not For Me? I Dont Fuckin Understand You And Your Fucking Bullshit B,

Sad Thing Is I Think You Do The Shit On Purpose And I Dont Ever Say Shit i Just Deal With It You Dont Care About My Feelings Or The Way I Feel Same Shit I Dont Care i Will Repeat It Until I Get Respected Like I Should. I Got My Shit Swollen For Ya And Put My Life On The Line For Ya It Coulda Been Worse But i Decided To Let it Go Hope'n That Shit Would Change after You Seen The Fucking Video.

Was i Wrong? Yeahh I Fucking Guess So Cause After All That You Still Run And call That Hoe, Yeah I Called Him A Hoe Cause His Is But I Dont Know Why He's A Fuckin Albino, I Can Talk Shit But i Can Also Back It Up You Aint See The Cut Scene On How I Almost Laid Him Down I'll Do That Shit Again If I Have Too

See You Dont Understand What Type Of Man You Fuckin With Not Me Im Talkin About The Other Bitch Well Nigga He Dont Give A Fuck About You Go Fucking Figure, I Just Dont Understand Why You Bullshit On The Nigga Thats Willing To Die For You Just To Talk To The Nigga Dat Wont Even Get A Fucking Ride To You,

Your Fucking Lucky I Care So Much To Always Fucking Forgive You, I Mean Look At The Pass Bullshit When Been Through Fuck It Im Lucky Too, I Just Dont Understand Why You Continue To Talk To The Nigga The Only Nigga I HATE The Main Nigga That Will Always Be Hated In My Fuckin Heart With Passion Its Not Like i Wont You To Stop Talkin To The Whole World I Just Want You To Stop Talkin To That Nigga,

Im Not Scared of The Nigga And Never Will Be He Could Never Beat My Ass And NEVER Will B, You The Reason I Went To Go Pop The Nigga Man Oh Man I Wish I Coulda Dropped The Nigga, But This Aint No Fuckin I Hate You Love Letter This Is Just Me Expressing My Feelings And Hoping You Realize You...
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