The Essay of Self Expression

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The Essay of Self Expression
In life, people will meet different kinds of persons. Sometimes, there will be people who will be criticizing others based on what they look like, or what is their first impression about them. Two things we can tell: (1)People who always do the “first impression insult” are those people who are always insecure on things that others can handle perfectly, and (2)The people who base their judgment on the looks of a person are the most stupid kind of person we would know.

The impartial treatment of life can be at times disturbing. This includes the criticism of other people. The most common form of criticism is rumor. Rumors are the thoughts passed by one another to assess the validity of the item as to if it is true of not. Rumors are simplified as baseless conclusion. Sometimes, these rumors can knock down a person’s self esteem with just a few words. These attacks can only result to more damage. This will on make the deviations worse. If these kinds of people think that rumors are a solution to problems concerning other people, we think we know the answer: No.

Rumors are one sided opinions. Let’s be open-minded on these things. Try to hear the opinion of others so that we can fully evaluate the matter. Once the whole story is complete, we can see two sides; the side filled with baseless conclusion and the other side is the based conclusion. Try your best to understand others. Never give in to rumors not only because you’re destroying others but also you’re destroying yourself. To people who give in to rumors, try to have even a little of self-expression. If you always think you are inferior to these rumors, then you are a coward. Fight for the truth and settle this without violence. That way, the only thing that you will gain is persons who will respect you.
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