The Environmental Effects of Bottled Water

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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My St. Patrick's Day Oddity
Written by Christopher Kang

One day I found the end of the rainbow and at it there was, not gold, but a pot of leprechaun dust... Chapter 1
One sunny, and bright day, I was hiking through the meadows that seemed that they had no end. I wanted to camp here for today. All seemed very right but I was wrong, indeed. Chapter 2
I slept like a bear hibernating the whole entire winter. I packed all my equipment I would need today. Hours later I traveled really far away from my campsite. As I was trudging through the foliage of the trees, I caught a glimpse of an enchanting rainbow before my eyes! I would have to follow that rainbow I thought. I finally saw a pot! I ran and I looked in. There wasn't gold but a pot of leprechaun dust! I thought it was magic dust so I took a handful and threw it in the air.... Chapter 3

As I threw the magic dust in the air, I felt magic absorbing into my body. It was quite a great sensation. When the sensation ended, nothing happened. I tried to do a spell and it worked! Suddenly I heard a squeaky voice say, "Stop, stop! Stay right here!"Anyway, I turned around and saw a bunch of leprechauns standing on rocks and grass surrounding me, the pot, and the end of the rainbow. I saw a pathway I could run away through. So I took my chances, I went at full speed. But instead of going 3mph, my magic allowed me to run 100mph!!! I easily out ran the tiny leprechauns. I was laughing as I slowed down the pace. As I turned around I saw the same leprechaun who was telling me to stop. As I turned my head I saw other leprechauns. I could not possibly escape. I asked them in a polite manner what they wanted. They replied, "Since you have leprechaun magic, you could heal our king. He has a terrible disease." Chapter 4

The leprechuns lead me to the king. He was quite old. They told me to heal the king. I chanted a spell. The king healed! The king thanked me, the leprechauns lead me home and said good bye to...
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