The Enemy Within

Topics: Influenza, Pandemic, Infectious disease Pages: 4 (1420 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Ashley Schappe
“The Enemy Within”
Christine M. Kreiser
Article Review #1.2

“The Enemy Within” by Christine M. Kreiser provokes the challenge faced with the Spanish outbreak in 1918 with the Influenza flu. It was a global crisis because from September 1918 and June it pandemic killed 675,000 Americans. In this article, the author examines the castrophe and the mostly futile efforts to combat it. This disease provokes the alarm that influenza affected mainly healthy people who are young, whom worked in the industry, tended the stick and fought war. US is in war with the central powers, meanwhile they're neglecting to prepare and take cautions and precautions towards the enemy within which is the flu. The excerpt question that Christine M. Kreiser is trying to make a point to is In the midst of an unprecedented public health crisis, can a government protect the welfare of its citizens at home while rushing millions of troops to battlefields half a world away? In 1918 America faced just such a challenge. Health services were quickly overwhelmed while the U.S. government struggled to meet its obligations to provide men and materials for World War I. With the war going on the United States focused on the war and the Armed forces instead of the epidemic flu disease. The main point that this author’s article is trying to get at is “The flu lurking in the midst of this patriotic fervor, however, would prove far more lethal than trench warfare and poison gas.” Kreiser portrays the affirmation of the Influenza in 1918 during World War I when the Influenza flu disease was in effect. Lastly, in the article itself General John pushed to build up the troop’s strength, Rupert Blue who thought the outbreak was possible, the flu pandemic mitigation where quarantines were enacted with the interaction of the influenza disease and focus on the nation at war.

Rupert Blue was an American physician and soldier who was appointed the fourth Surgeon General of the...
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