The Encounter: Forest Trails of Philomont, New Mexico

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Flees 1
Kellor Flees

Matt Dumon

English 10


The Encounter

on what we needed to do to survive on our imposing 90 mile hike through the scorching deserts, over the treacherous mountains, and the long dark forest trails of Philomont, New Mexico. He thought us how to keep the bears from getting our food by suspending it in bear bags. The ranger also told us many helpful tips. For example if you hear a humming bird put on your sun glasses because they have been known to dive bomb and get stuck in peoples eyes in witch case you would have to kill it and leave it inside your eye and wrap it up and hike on. But my encounter with the wild life was a little bit different. On day nine of eleven and about 75 miles hiked we decided to stop at a small hunting lodge for their tour. Upon arrival we were instructed by the historical figure/tour guide that the out house or as they were named at philomont red roof inn was full to the top. She informed us to use the one down the trail on the left across the brook and through the camp. She forgot to mention that they were having a small bear problem recently. So off I went into the woods alone toilet paper in hand happy to finally have a chance to sit on a ceramic seat and not have to squat in the woods to do my business. Making a game of it I was hopping rock to rock across the brook. Not two steps after the last rock I heard a splash and some rustling to my left. To my surprise I saw the cinnamon coat of a black bear not 30 yards away from me. Not seeing many bears in my lifetime every bit of information I had ever learned about bears raced through my mind in an instant. From my knowledge I deduced that it was a bear cub and there would be a mama bear behind it that would be mad at me for being so close to its cub. so Flees 2

pulled out my pocket knife but didn’t open it and turned and ran as fast as I ever ran before. I at that moment would have had a good chance at beating usain bolt in a 40 meter dash....
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