The Effects of Social Networking

Topics: Identity theft, Social network service, Sexual predator Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: April 19, 2012
The Effects of Social Networking
People all over the world seem to be connected more than ever. This is easily done through social networking sites, whether there chatting away in a laptop, iPad, or smart phone. Many individuals spend countless of hours in these sites daily. Though it possess some advantages individuals must be cautious when using these sites. Social networking sites have many disadvantages that not many know of, such as health problems, safety issues, and lack of privacy.

One of the disadvantages that social networking consist of is health problems. Not only do these issues affect children but teenagers and adults as well. Recently, on the news it was said that children were showing signs of psychological problems such as being anti-social. Children were isolating themselves indoors, not having face- to-face interactions causing depression and identity issues. That’s why one as a parent must have the responsibility in monitoring what their children do and the amount of time they waste on these sites. Another problem that I’ve experienced myself is addiction. My niece who is 15- years- old has that problem. By the time she is out of school, straight to the computer she goes. She has become anti-social and will only have conversations with her friends online. If it wasn’t for her parents taking away the laptop, she would be there day and night. This doesn’t necessary only pertain to children or teens but with adults as well. For instance, the other day my husband and I went to have dinner and our waitress would check her phone constantly. Not only was that disrespectful and annoying, but was it that important to check the phone countless times, especially while working. As a result, social networking has countless of health issues that people are unaware of.

Another major disadvantage of social networking is safety. People don’t comprehend that we are personally vulnerable to numerous dangers like cybercriminals or sexual predators. For...
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