The Effects of Pornography

Topics: Pornography, Sexual intercourse, Pornographic film Pages: 4 (1100 words) Published: April 21, 2008
The Effects of Pornography in Our Culture Today

Pornography is a constant debate. Everyone has an opinion on the subject. Many people say pornography is bad for society as a whole. There are many negative effects of pornography, such as an increased likelihood of sexually aggression, the objectification of women, and the imbalanced relationship in pornography may be integrated into real life relationships. Pornography has extensive, destructive effects that are too great to defend.

Pornography, especially violent pornography, may amplify the probability of sexual aggression. Violent pornography may provide one with the impression that sexual aggression is acceptable. In a study conducted by Kelly Davis, men were more likely to be sexually aroused by a portrayal of pornographic rape when the victim “was portrayed as experiencing sexual arousal during the rape (as is typical of rape portrayals in pornography) rather than disgusted” (Davis 3). The violent behavior caused the men to become aroused instead of disgusted, as they should have been. The behavior depicted in the film was acceptable to the men. Violent pornography enforce the idea “that women like to be treated like objects, treated with contempt, and enjoy eroticized violence” (Kasper). The woman enjoying being harmed in the depiction and men’s acceptance of the horrible act may create a false idea that pleasure and pain are the same. The men who view this type of pornography may begin to believe that women take pleasure in receiving pain. Men may become progressively more aggressive sexually in their attempt to recreate the situation they viewed. One study found that frequent “exposure to pornography in general, and violent rape pornography in particular, has been positively associated with self-reported likelihood of forced sex, rape, and sexual aggression” (2). Men may become more aggressive sexually due to the exposure to the pornographic representation of rape.

Men, women, and...
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