The Effects of Hurricane Katrina

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  • Published : October 31, 2005
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September 29, 2005 seemed like a perfect, beautiful day but this was the day that the world witnessed a catastrophie that would have lasting effects on our economy. People sat glued to their television screens as Hurricane Katrina ripped through three states taking with it the homes and lives of millions of people. In the aftermath of this powerful hurricane, the people of the United States realized how valuable their families, lives, and the economy was to them. Something that we took for granted everyday. As the days wore on after that fateful day in September, the economy plummeted to an all time low due to the oil refineries that were ripped through by massive winds. The gas prices continued to rise and reached a record $5.00 per gallon in some states, which made it difficult for citizens of a rich nation to drive to their jobs. It forced people to use other forms of transportation. At one point there was a scare of running out of fuel which made trucking companies shut down until an alternate fuel source could be determined. Aside from the fuel deficiency, there were also hightened crime rates in rural areas hit by Katrina. People were forced to break into stores to retrieve food and other supplies for their families, while looters took advantage of the situation and broke into places to steal materialistic items for their pleasure. These criminals, when confronted by authorities, opened fire and killed many officers. Due to the flood waters, many people contracted deadly diseases and died because they could not get the proper medical attention. Many people were left wandering what happened to their families and months later they still have yet to find their loved ones. The relief effort for this disaster will weigh on us for years to come and the only thing that we as american citizens can do is hope and pray for the people that were devastated and help where ever we can.
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