The Effects of Animal Abuse

Topics: Abuse, Suffering, Physical abuse Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Animal Abuse
What is the actual definition of animal cruelty some may ask, it is infliction of physical pain, suffering or death upon an animal.( ) More often than we know, innocent animals are being abused. Whether or not we notice it or want to believe it, it happens in our hometowns, maybe even right next to our homes, where we are supposed to feel safe. Don’t you think that something should be done about this? I do. Take some time to ask yourselves why anyone would want to hurt an innocent animal, would you want someone physically hurting you? I bet not, so why let someone do that to an animal? Their feelings are just the same as ours except they need US to speak up for them. Animal abuse isn’t just physically harming an animal; it could be neglecting the animal of food, water, shelter, and veterinary care. For example, for the last week the dog tied out back in your neighbor’s yard has been without water or food and patches of the dog’s fur are missing and you also notice that the owner doesn’t seem to care or “forgets to bring the dog inside.” This would be an example of animal neglect and you should not hesitate to inform the police.

Animal abuse is a topic that definitely takes the backseat to domestic abuse or any other sort of abuse a person may encounter, most people don’t notice when it happens unlike a human, it is clear that something is wrong. Abused animals aren’t just limited to cats and dogs. Farm animals, such as, horses, chickens, pigs, etc can also be abused. Dog fighting is also a form of animal cruelty which is not acceptable. People who hurt animals usually come from a bad upbringing, in which they have been abused in some sort of way. For them, hurting things smaller than they are gives them a sense of control and makes the person feel “bigger.” The narcissistic behavior in which a person abuses or even kills an animal is a huge red flag for someone with a psychological disorder, in worst cases this could be a...
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