The Effect of the Company Macro Environment on the Component of the Core Market System in General and in Company Marketing Management in Particular

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The effect of the company macro environment on the component of the core market system in general and in company marketing management in particular

The Marketing Environment
The actors and forces outside marketing that affect marketing management ability to build and maintain successful relationship with target customers. The environment continues to change rapidly and both customers and marketer’s wonder what the future will bring is called marketing environment. The entire marketing environment can be classified into 2(two):
Elements of Macro-Environment
Demographic Environment
Demography is the study of human populations in terms of size, destiny, location, age, gender race, occupation and other statistics. The demographic environment is of major interest to marketers because it involves people. Economic Environment

Marketers require buying power as well as people. The economic environment consists of factors that affect consumers’ purchasing power and spending power/ patterns. Marketers must pay close attention to major trends and consumers’ spending patterns. Natural Environment

The natural environment involves the natural resources that are needed as inputs by marketers or they are affected by marketing activities. Environmental concerns have grown steadily during the past three decades. Marketers should be aware of several trends in the natural environment. Technological Environment

The technological environment is perhaps the most dramatic forces now shopping own destiny. Technological environment involves forces that create new technologist creating new product and marketing opportunities. Political Environment

Marketing decisions are strongly affected by developments in the political environment. Political environment consists of laws, government agencies, government itself and pressure groups that influence or limits various organizations and individuals in a given society.

Impact of Demographic Environments
Among two sides macro environment is very much effective or important in case of marketing environment which is out of control of company’s manager. Moreover, under macro environment demographic environment is very effective and important. For a businessman the first and foremost considerable topic is population or market size. Without population there is nothing for a market. For this reason before entering into a marketing one must keep in mind about the changes about population. Effect of changes on demographic environment is given below: Age Structure of the Total Population and Its Changes

The number of different ages of people such as the number of children, teenage, youth, old person should be kept in mind at the time of doing marketing strategy. Because a product cannot be certified for every ages of customer. Moreover, at the time of increasing of population the growth of demand of product rises should be noticed otherwise marketing process won’t be effective at all. On the contrary at the time of the decrease of population the demand falls. This is the reason at the time of doing marketing strategy the matter of population must be analyzed. Changed Family Life

Now a day’s one can easily identify the changes of family life style such as- the growth of working class women, income capability of women, adult marriage of women and the right of divorce of women etc. also important for doing marketing strategy. For doing more services or jobs outside home the household task of women has gone to the slave. And now we can observe a crisis of slave. Actually the development of garment industry has created this problem. For this reason people are eager to do a less physical labored task. And prepare food, half cooked food, bread, washing machines etc. are used more. So, now we use pressure cooker, rice cooker, washing machine, go to restaurants for food for save our time but those things created market for the product and the marketers getting benefit from their work and growing...
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