The Effect of International Trade Policies on the Solar Energy Marketbvg

Topics: Photovoltaics, Photovoltaic module, Solar cell Pages: 4 (985 words) Published: February 2, 2013
The Effect of International Trade Policies on the Solar Energy Market

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Chapter 3: Method of Procedure
Chapter 4: Results
Chapter 5: Summary
Chapter 6: Conclusions
Appendix 1: Graphs and Charts
Graph of Solar Energy Market Growth,
Graph of Polysilicon in the Global Market
Appendix 3: Survey (simulated)

The United States and Europe have stated goals of increasing renewable energy usage (Lewis & Wiser). Solar energy is a key component of any renewable portfolio (Scheer, 2007). However, many industry professionals have stated that countries such as China and Vietnam have an unfair trade advantage due to heavily subsidized industries (Lewis & Wiser). The aim of this research is to examine how implementing tariffs have affected the market growth of the solar energy market. This paper will rely on secondary sources for market information and for growth predictions. It will also rely on examples of previous markets and the historical record of market contraction after implementing severe trade restrictions. Using these sources, it can be shown that trade restrictions slow growth in the solar market in countries that implement them. This paper is designed to be used by professionals who work in the solar energy industry in order to make predictions of market changes as future trade tariffs are implemented or repealed.

Solar energy projects are considered to be of strategic importance to help solve the world’s energy crisis (Scheer, 2007). The solar energy market is comprised of two main components: the polysilicon that is used to produce photovoltaic cells and the actual production of the solar panels. Both components require a technical knowledge to produce and supply and are critical to the supply chain to increase solar energy usage. Many experts accuse the country of...
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