The Effect of Drug Abuse

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  • Published : October 24, 2011
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The Effects of Drug Abuse
Drug abuse has a range of deleterious effects on the user, the people surrounding him and even society at large. It is one of the most serious problems affecting almost every society today, and even though a wide variety of solutions have been proposed and attempted, drug abuse is still a prevalent part of modern life.

Effects on the Family
Drug abuse has a number of negative effects on a family. Finances often suffer as a result of drug addiction in the family. The abuser is likely to use all available resources to support the habit they have developed, leaving other household obligations neglected. Other family members are then left to handle the responsibility of managing and generating finances to cover general living expenses. In addition, drug abuse exacerbates tendencies for violence against family members, changes sexual relationships and enables spouses to take on unhealthy roles to continue the marriage. Children of parents who abuse drugs are under greater risk of experiencing physical and emotional neglect and repeating these cycles.

Effects on Society
Drug abuse hits society very hard from many different directions. The public cost of enforcing drug laws and policy is huge, from street level enforcement, corrections facilities, to rehabilitation programs. In addition, drugs have always been associated with crime, from petty crime to more organized coalitions seeking to control the drug trade. The violence and crime from the dealers and addicts can seriously disrupt the life of neighborhood residents or anyone else who happens to be caught in the crossfire

Effects on the Health
Drug abuse impacts multiple areas of health and wellness. Long-term abusers of alcohol prove more likely to suffer from heart disease than the general population. Drugs like ecstasy can cause nerve damage over prolonged periods of time, reports the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Besides that, drug abuse over time has been linked to...
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