The Earth Is Our Home

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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The Earth Is Our Home

Our home is our natural connection to the Earth. However, our modern lifestyle often disconnects us from Earth’s natural elements. Many of us live in a world made of concrete—buildings, paved roads, parking lots and sidewalks—with minimal exposure to simple plants, flowers and trees. We rarely get to experience nature on a large scale- Earth’s beautiful, cascading mountains, vast forests or powerful waterways. Adding to our dilemma is the high level of pollution and chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. We cannot escape the magnetic pull that the Earth’s energy has on us- but we are living in a world that is sadly out of balance with nature! And these imbalances can contribute to both physical and emotional illness. Fortunately, it is possible to reestablish our connection with Earth by creating an environment that brings in all the elements of nature—plants, natural fibers, materials and lighting—as well as crystals and gemstones. Combined with feng shui design, blessings, space clearings and other modalities, we can recreate that harmonious balance in our work and living spaces.

One of Earth’s greatest gifts to us is crystals and gemstones. The rising consciousness of the planet is finally leading us to rediscover the ancient and forgotten healing art of crystals. Each natural crystalline structure has its own individual energy as well as its own personality-and it is here to help us tap into our own multifaceted nature and personal power. Created by energetic forces deep within the planet, these “blossoms” of the Earth’s mineral realm carry a variety of natural energy and vibration that can facilitate personal development, balance and healing.
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