The Early Anti-Slavery Movement

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  • Published : August 4, 2012
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Around 1619 the first African slaves set foot to the colonies for their first time. Slaves were necessary to maintain the economy growing because tobacco, sugar cane, cotton, and rice become drawing of outline crops in the south. During this time the slave trade advanced greatly and built into the “Triangle Trade.” Americans were taking the products to the west coast of Africa, and they were exchanging them for healthy African people. Those captives came to the West Indies or The English colonies with the purpose of being sold in exchange for agricultural products. Then sailors will go back to England and start the same cycle again. Therefore, in the 1860s The Anti-Slavery Movement begins in America by providing a clear history of slavery. Certainly, slavery advocated racism against African American in North America. Since the 1619 salves arrived in the Chesapeake and dark-skinned people were considered of lower status by Europeans. However, until the 1680s few African slaves were left in the American colonies, and they were not treated harshly. During this time some slaves became landowners and politically movement and independently men. Obviously the pay work for servants went up and slaves were working as the main labor force of the South and the Chesapeake. Moreover, the number of slave went up, so the restrictions of Africans and Africans Americans did too. For instance very angry demonstrations of racism came out of owners’ developing some fears. Then the creations of a caste-like system of segregation came in which African Americans were inherently inferior to Europeans and Euro-Americans and in some cases less than human. Meanwhile, Americans were developing an intellectual framework to help the economic reality. Additionally, slavery lasted until the Civil War, and parts of this racial caste system have continued well into today (Schultz, 2012, p. 52)

Meanwhile, people from the clerical community commit their members to save the salves’ souls by...
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