The Drover's Wife

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The Drover’s Wife
The Drover’s wife, whose writer is Henry Lawson, describes a bush woman whose husband was away for droving. The story mainly shows about the challenging life of an independent woman with four children. One day, there was a snake entered the house while the children were playing about the house and she was cooking. Unfortunately, she could no nothing on the snake because it disappeared suddenly into a crack. To prevented safety for her children, she stayed awake all night long in order to observe the snake moving out sometime. Finally, with the help from a terrier and alligator, the woman successfully caught the snake and burnt it in the fire.

Among all characters represented in the story, I am interested in the drover’s wife the most for three main reasons. First, she was a strong and brave woman. She had fought all the difficult tasks without her husband’s existence. She never gave up and always had means to fight against dangerous situations. Second, she was a protective and responsible mother; for instance, from time to time she glanced around the floor and she reached for a stick whenever she heard a noise. By doing so, it could make sure that the snake would not do any harm to her children. Moreover, on Sunday she dressed up and tidied her children and took them out for a walk to show that she had already been completed obligation as a mother. Finally, she was an independent and bearable woman. She could do such a thing without help from her husband or even eager for his returning. She could take a good care for her children and protected them from bad things that happened unexpectedly. In real society, there is not many woman do like her. She is really wonderful indeed.

After reading the story, I have gained some experiences. As the men, sometime we cannot do things as the women can do. So we must value women as much as possible. Without them we cannot survive. What is more, the world contents only the one who can overcome his...
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