The Dress

Topics: Sibling, Family, Short story Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: December 25, 2012
An essay of “The dress”.
The short story “The dress” is written by the Irish author Julia Darling in 2006. The short story is about two siblings, Rachel and Flora, who lives alone with their mother. It was the birthday of the mother for the two siblings, and Rachel had bought a new dress for the birthday celebration. While she was searching for the dress in the house, she had the thought that her sister Flora must have taken it, which made her angry. Flora had the dress and she was at a café with her Italian boyfriend Alberto. Whilst Flora was at the café with Alberto, her cocktail slipped out of her hand which resulted for a horribly stain on the front of the dress. The family met up in a luxurious restaurant as planned, to celebrate their mother’s birthday. The siblings escalated slowly a discussion about the dress, which initiated the family to an unpleasant dinner. When they arrived home, Rachel wanted to move out to her father even though Flora admitted that she damaged the dress. The mother charged Flora that she was a thief, which resulted for that Flora also ran away. The history ended with a lonely and depressed mother in the house Rachel is the older of the two sisters, which constitutes that Flora wants to be like her. The younger sister Flora is envious of her sister Rachel’s maturity and appearance, and that’s why she is longing after the desire to be like her; Flora is longing for the same structured life as her sister has. She is very envious of her sister Rachel, and I can make these inferences by her behaviors in the text. The enviousness of Flora gives a start of desiring to be like her, which means that Rachel is the maturely pioneer among them. The text introduces us to a scattered Flora even in the start of the text. .. wading through disordered heaps of crumpled discarded clothes, empty cigarette packets, broken lighters, dried-out mascara brushes and lidless lipsticks. It smelled sweet and slightly rotten. Hereby, we can conclude that...
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