The Downward Spiral of Macbeth: Defeat, Death, and Damnation

Topics: Macbeth, Characters in Macbeth, Three Witches Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: December 12, 2011
In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the choices of the character Macbeth can be considered voluntary or involuntary. Although the witches or weird sisters seemingly manipulate Macbeth from the very beginning of the play with prophetic fortunes of Macbeth to become the Thane of Cawdor and king, Macbeth’s reign of evil is produced by his voluntary belief of the witches’ prophecy. Macbeth takes destiny into his hands by killing King Duncan in order to become king, although he is unsure if wearing borrowed robes or to be king is his true destiny. The witches and Lady Macbeth are vital characters in Macbeth’s choice to pursue his evil journey. The witches ignite Macbeth’s desire when their prophecy that Macbeth would be named Thane of Cawdor comes true. Being emasculated by Lady Macbeth drives Macbeth to choose the evil path of destruction on which he goes. Macbeth, however hesitant at first, kills the king to prove to Lady Macbeth that he is not a weak man. As Macbeth continues his reign of terror on Banquo, Lady Macduff and her household as well as others he realizes that there is no turning back or repentance in his future. Macbeth is left alone to receive the consequence of his horrible actions and meet with his true destiny which is defeat and death by the hands of Macduff after Lady Macbeth, who is taunted by the guilt of her evil, dies. After Macbeth learns from Rosse that he is the Thane of Cawdor he reflects on the prophecy of the evil witches. Macbeth begins to conceive his evil plot to secure the realization of the second half of the witches’ prophecy. In act one, scene one the witches meet to discuss where to meet with Macbeth. 1.WITCH. When shall we three meet again?

In thunder, lightning, or in rain?
2.WITCH. When the hurly-burly’s done,
When the battle’s lost and won. (1.1.1360)
Macbeth’s belief in the dark magic of the witches begins to cut off the path to redemption for Macbeth. Macbeth is convinced that the witches have granted him the title Thane of...
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