The Digestive System

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  • Published : March 22, 2011
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Digestive system:
Or/ or stomat/o- oral cavity (Mouth) Digestion Begins
Digestion-breaking down into small parts
Oral- pertaining to the oral cavity(Mouth)
Herpetic Stomatitis- inflammation of the oral cavity (mouth) caused by the herpes simply 1 virus (HSV1) aka “cold Sores” “fever blister” Mechanical digestion involves- mastication (Chewing)
Buccal- pertaining to a cheek
Gloss/o or lingu/o- tongue
Glossectomy-Surgical removal of the tongue sublingual
Pertaining to under the tongue aka hypoglossal chemical digestion includes the secretion of saliva. Hel- hydrochloric acid- found in the stomach.
Gingiv/o- gingival ( e) aka gum (s)
Gingivitis- inflammation of the gingivae
Palat/o- hard and soft palate (located at the roof of the oral cavity (mouth) Platoplasty-surgical repair of the palate
Pharyno/o- pharynx (throat)
Pharynsitis- inflammation of the pharynx (throat)
Egopaglo-esophagus (tube connecting the pharynx and around the stomach Y-Condition
Esophagotomy- surgical incision of the esophagus
Gastr/o- the stomach is located in the (luq) left upper quad Gastectomy- surgical removal of the stomach
Duodenum – first section of the small intestine (small bowel) Esophagusgastro- duedenoscopy (egd) viewing the esophagus,stomach and duodenum with a lighted instrument. Jejun/o-jejunum is the second section of the small intestine (Small Bowel) Jujunojejuno anastomosis- a joining of one section of the jenjum to another section of the jenjum Ile/o-ileum-3rd section of the small intestine (small Bowel) Lileostomy- a new or artificial opening into the lieum.

Enter/o- small intestine or small bowel
Dysentery- a condition of painful small intestine (Bowel)
Cec/o-cecum is the first section of the large intestine (Large bowel) Ileocecal- pertaining to the ileum and the cecum.
Append/o or appendic/o- appendix is a finger like projection of the cecum(rlq) More specifically of the appendix is located In the right inguinal...
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