The Difference Between My Grandparents' Life and Mine

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The Difference between My Grandparents' Life and Mine
With time going by, the society has undergone enormous changes, especially in China, the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, and later the reform and open policy has brought us Chinese people a rich and colorful life. The rapid development of economy and social progress are of great significance to Chinese people's living standard and change their living style also. The figures of poverty, backwardness and warfare which prevailed in the early period of the twentieth century are gradually have changed. Nowadays, the society moving forward to an industrialized and modernized appearance that is totally different from the past.

I still remembered when I was a child, my grandpa told me his life experience. He said when he was a child, he lived in a poor country. In his early life, he lived a miserable life in the old society working for serf owners all day and night. During the years, he became a orphan and no one provided shelters and basic supplies for him to go through the hard time. After turning into a adult, he always had to struggle for survival. He told me that just for living he have no chance to pursue his dream. At that time, living is the most important thing for one person.

That is my grandpa's life which is absolutely different from mine. As a generation of after 90, I can receive good education and get more love from my parents when I was born. In today's social system, the material life has a noticeable improvement. For instance, computer play an important role in the daily life; Everyone owe a computer in college,teachers can upload course and assignment, then students can download the resources and hand in homework while E-mail.The convenient and efficient format is distinctly differ from the past. Nowadays, people can change many clothes every day while before the economic reform and opening up policy were adopted in the late 1970s, almost all clothes were in...
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