The Difference between Living and Existing

Topics: Meaning of life, 2006 singles, Existence Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: April 21, 2013
What’s the difference between living and existing?
Some people are incredibly naïve thinking that living and existing are the same thing. Anyone can exist, but it’s not the same as to live. Existing is simply giving in, not controlling your own life, but letting everything around control you; just accepting and not in a good way; just not caring where the next path will take you and not doing anything about it. Meaning you’re just a waste of time and space, you’re not in control and you’re not trying to be. Living is different, you may not have to be in total control, but at least you are trying to. Living is actually doing something, feeling that you have a purpose in life, that each day that comes is a chance for something new. Those who live are open for inspiration, adventure, love, accomplishment, opportunity and won’t give up until they feel satisfied. Those people are not a waste.

Those who choose to live usually end up being much happier than those who choose only to exist. To live is to take part in life. There are those who aren’t as happy but they still live their lives; they at least feel something even if it’s pain. Hurting is better than feeling nothing at all. You don’t necessarily have to be the happiest person on earth but you’re still setting yourself out there, you’re taking risks in the chance of having something you desire come true. Life’s scary, it’s not that easy. To let yourself out there, exposed to all what life might bring you, it takes courage. Someone or something might leave you vulnerable, easy to break, destroy. Still that shouldn’t leave you afraid of life, scared, lost in the hopelessness of despair, and thus, only exist, and not go on with your long journey that might actually be worth all the fear and pain you had to first encounter. Did you ever ask yourself what marks your time? If a day, an hour or even a moment can change everything? Those people who only exist in life are actually wasting all this time. They...
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