The Difference Between Egypt and Mesopotamia

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Assyria Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Andres Mederos
AP World History

The Differences between ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
There are many differences between the two civilizations like Government, Burials , Technology, and language. Now these can be the same but there not because these civilizations had there own ways on how to control what they believed and how they would sustain themselves.

Now the Burial techniques that the Egyptians used was very clever and like professionally done because they thought in the after life that they would need there body to use so they would mummify only the top classes like the pharaohs and priest but if you had a lot of money then you could actually get mummified properly if you were a rich merchant for example. Now for the Mesopotamians it was different because they found there bodies wrapped around in carpets and the children’s bodies were found in big jars and some had precious artifacts and believed to have been belonged to a royal family of some sort. So to say the Egyptians knew how to mummify really good almost too good but that’s what they have to learn to get it right for there pharaoh and other high level classes. Second, with technology Egypt has I would probably not call real technology but more in the academics but used in a way for technology but ancient Egypt achieved a relatively high standard of productivity and sophistication. And the Egyptians created there own alphabet and decimal system and by doing so with this kind of knowledge they could have used the math to make any type of technological weapon or tool. For the Mesopotamians they invented many technologies like metal and copper-working, glass and lamp making, textile control, water storage, flood control and irrigation. And also they were one of the first bronze age people in the world, so then they developed copper, bronze, and gold on to iron and so with these expensive metals they were used to decorate buildings and palaces, and also a lot of weapons were made in the...
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