The Determinates of Health with Hiv

Topics: AIDS, HIV, Africa Pages: 2 (871 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Outline and explore the determinants of HIV
Catherine Nicholson

This essay will look into the different determinants of HIV/Aids and will not only look at the determinants within the UK but also globally, therefore exploring the different contributing factors of HIV. The Main themes that shall be outlined within this essay are; the geographical determinants, Class and education, an Individuals access to correct health services and ethnicity. Along with the 4 main themes this essay will also compare the increase/ decrease within reported HIV cases over the passed couple of decades and try to explore why this increase/ decrease may have occurred within the different cultures, classes and ethnicities. The geographical determinant of HIV is one of the most researched because there is a significant global difference within the levels of reported HIV cases within different countries that are not as socioeconomically advanced as others, the percentage of reported cases of HIV not only is high overall but there Is a significant difference between the percentage between males and female. (Magadi, Monica yr: 2011).This is also linked with the other themes outlined within the essay, for example Africa has the highest HIV rated and increasing which is directly linked to the lack of suitable education and also access to reliable health services.

A multilevel analysis of the determinants and cross-national variations of HIV seropositivity in sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from the DHS Health & place [1353-8292] Magadi, Monica yr: 2011 vol: 17 iss: 5 pg: 1067 -1083 2.1 Data Table 1. Adler, N. E. (2006). Overview of health disparities. In G. E. Thompson, F. Mitchell, & M. Williams (Eds.), Examining the health disparities research plan of the National Institutes of Health: Unfinished business (pp. 129–188). Washington: National Academic Press. Determinants of HIV risk among Indian truck drivers. Angela D Bryana, Corresponding...
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