The Design of Constructive Learning Environments

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The Design of Constructive Learning Environments

As A Technical Teacher, I find it to be less effort than that of an Academic teacher, to embrace and utilize the design of constructive learning environments. I believe this to be true due to the different settings made available to us, in order to serve our students. For instance, in my Technical area alone, we have our classroom setting, our computer lab setting, our demonstration stage, our salon area and our community service learning locations. These settings help me to utilize each and every learning process discussed in this article. I believe that all of these environments appeal to my students, but the Contextual environment is vital to the learning process of my technical area. Our salon area operates as a “real-life” salon. We are a full service salon, open to the public, five days a week. I believe this to be the best way to prepare our students for the career field they have chosen. This setting allows the students to better understand the situations that can occur in the salon setting and helps to build the knowledge and skill needed to be successful in their chosen technical area. I personally, use and believe, that community service learning also offers the same opportunity for students. My students are taking part in an amazing program at this time. Mannys for Nannys is a student driven Community Service learning project. It is a teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic and technical study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities. This is achieved by students visiting local nursing homes to perform manicures on the elderly.
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